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Hank Strange & Midwest Industries Light weight gun AR-15 Rifle
Hank Strange & Midwest Industries Light weight AR-15 Rifle

Presenting Lifestyles of the Locked and Loaded: Guns, Gear, and Everything else Pro 2nd Amendment Folks Everywhere are interested in. Reviewed and Showcased from the Peculiar Viewpoint of The Hank Strange Situation: A YouTube Gun Channel!

Hank Strange is a Novice Firearms Enthusiast Sharing Videos of himself, his family and friends Learning & Growing Process in the gun world. Presented in the form of Gun Reviews, Shooting, and other related videos that document their Personal Adventure in life with The World via YouTube. Hank is a Libertarian, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Artist, Writer, Music Producer & Filmmaker, so Stay Tuned because anything could happen and probably will!

Hank Strange Youtube Gun Channel

Hank Strange on Full30 Yes the Hank Strange Situation is now on Full30: Providing shooting enthusiasts with quality content and a friendly community.