Driving While Strange : Easter Sunday Traffic Stop



  1. Interesting video…you drive from Gainesville to Tampa and half way back with no incident….you get stopped in an area noted for problems on a particular day…high police presence…tinted windows….fitting the profile of individuals noted for causing problems which they are on the look out for….I like the way you handled yourself….complying…and like you said thinking about getting home safely to your family….I also think about what it would have been like if you were involved in an accident costing you your life caused by the actions of someone the police were watching out for but were afraid to stop and having to notify your family of your death….what if it had been a member of my family killed by an individual that possibly could been prevented by a traffic stop…I see both side of this…prevention…upholding and trying to keep the public, for which you and I are both a part of, safe….sensitive issue..yes….is there an answer…do we stop trying to prevent due to the color of an individuals skin? another sensitive issue….I can only speak for myself…my children were taught to respect the badge and not necessarily the individual, I taught them to comply, I taught them to try to their utmost to obey the laws under which we live…..all I can say is law enforcement is a tough job…I also wonder how when a stop like this I made….will I get home to my family…..I am sworn to uphold the law…my assignment is also to prevent harm to the public…..yeah its a tough world out there…I wonder what it is like when you are stopped by law enforcement in another country?

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  3. I appreciate you sharing that experience with your fans. I also appreciate your candid and thoughtful treatment of this issue. If all Americans could approach these issues – 2A, profiling, civil rights, etc. – with the same careful, reflective treatment, there would be much more understanding and compassion for our fellow citizens, and – dare I say – for those who actively exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. You’re an asset to the community, and I am so glad I found your channel; your content is fun and informative. I wish you much continued success.